FL Studio Signature Bundle v20.5.0.1142 مخفف (Fruity Loops Studio) یک ایستگاه کارى و کامپیوترى صوت دیجیتال (Digital Audio Workstation) مى‌باشد که توسط Didier Dambri، مؤسس شرکت نرم‌افزارى Image-Line ساخته شده است و از آن براى ساخت موسیقى‌هاى ریتمیک و بر پایه‌ى الگو (Pattern-Based) استفاده مى‌شود. عواملى مانند محیط کاربرپسندانه‌ى FL Studio، امکان ساخت سبک‌هاى مختلف موسیقى (Hip-Hop، Electronica، Techno و …) ، سبب شده‌اند که این نرم‌افزار در میان دوستداران موسیقى دیجیتال شناخته شده باشد و کاربران تازه‌کار و حرفه‌اى را به سمت خود جذب کند.دارای ۵% قابلیت ریکاوری در صورت دانلود ناقص .


FLEX is missing?
Right-click on the plugin database in the browser and select – Update plug-in list (quick scan) and find “Installed”> “Generators”> “Fruity” and make sure you are working with FL Studio 20.5,

New plugin

FLEX is a free plugin for all versions of FL Studio. FLEX is an advanced preset based tool built on the synthesis of Subtractive, Wavetable, Multisample, FM & AM.

FL Studio

macOS VST / AU – FL Studio can now be used as a VST or AU plugin on macOS hosts that support VST or AU plugins. Windows hosts can use VST.
Browser – (Alt + Click) for previewing samples. Click on the stop on the transport panel to finish early.
FILE settings – the ability to change the maximum number of backup files.
Playlist / Piano roll – Mute (Shift + M). Enable sound (Alt + Shift + M).
Plugin Manager – a checkmark for favorite plugins is now an asterisk.
FL Studio Performance Monitor – VIEW> Plugin Performance Monitor. Useful for identifying demanding plugins.
Patcher – option, showing the use of the processor modules. Right-click workspace> View> Performance.
Channels and effects – the option “Do not show this in the future” is added while removing channels and effects.
Reset pop-up warnings – option on the General Settings tab.
MIDI Settings — The list of MIDI devices will be updated when the computer resumes from sleep.
MIDI – Added “Do Not Show This In The Future” for error messages when a MIDI device cannot open.
Plugins – removing plugins now requests confirmation (since there is no cancellation).
SoundFonts – DirectWave will open when the SoundFont file is dropped at the channel rack.
Templates – now installed on the General Settings tab.

Updated plugins

Edison Denoise Tool – now available in macOS.
Fruity Blood Overdrive is now a vector-based native FL Studio plugin, which is also available on macOS.
Harmless – Olbaid’s Free Harmless Essentials Library.
Sytrus – Free Olbaid’s 151 Pre-Installed Sytrus Essentials Library
WaveShaper – Improved quality settings for live sound (HQ) and automate its control (smoothing).
Wave Traveler and Fruity Scratcher are now vectorized and are also available on macOS.
ZGameEditor Visualizer – Added color option for effects. New effects (Alps, Boat Cave in progress, Fluidity, Frozen Wasteland, Neptune Races, Cosmic Jewelry, Spherical Polyhedra, WetInkSpiral, Xyptonjtroz) Added “Select All” buttons to the list of images and meshes. New options “Add images (source)”, including presets (whole projects ZGameEditor), URL (streaming online video) and online media (images and video from pexels.com).


Fixed: “This installation needs to be unlocked…”

FL Studio Producer Edition + Signature Bundle v20.5.0.1142 x86 x64-FiXED


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